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2010-09-05 14:36:18 by roseboy

A little day project i've been working on...


deagle with cartoony hand

constructive critisism will be apreciated.

Anime Studio Debut 6

2009-11-07 17:41:14 by roseboy

I got an animating program! Is there any requirements to enter in a coallab, like you need to have submited something or have a 3+ score on all submisions or something?


2009-08-27 19:25:46 by roseboy

School started a week ago. I miss summer


2009-07-24 17:22:06 by roseboy

i submitted my first art piece to ng. Check it out!my art


2009-07-02 16:22:54 by roseboy

Im not going to be on ng for a while; im going on a trip


2009-07-02 14:04:37 by roseboy

I got an image for me. I think it looks very nice. Artist is bogdanfrost. If you want to see the pic fullsize, just follow the link below:

rose pic

it has begun

2009-07-01 20:04:12 by roseboy

Well, I just joind newgrounds today at... I think it was 2:26 MST. Anyway one thing i should tell u is ... i can't make flash. I don't have the program and I happen to be broke so... yeah...all I can make is music & art.